Three Moroccans have been arrested for immigration offences, after entering Gibraltar Territorial Waters in a kayak on Sunday night.

At 8.30pm, the men aged 23, 29 and 39 years-old, were spotted in an inflatable kayak, attempting to cross over to Gibraltar.

The Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) intercepted the men 2.5 nautical miles from Europa Point. None of the men had valid travel documentation with them and were arrested on suspicion of being a Non-Gibraltarian found in Gibraltar, without a valid permit or certificate. 

They are now in New Mole House Police Station, waiting to be interviewed.

Three Arrested Kayak 1
Deflated kayak in image released by RGP

At the moment it is not known if they had paddled over from Morocco or from the Spanish mainland. But Gibraltar isn’t unfamiliar to the arrival of migrants by water. Over the last few months, several immigrants have been spotted in kayaks, in the waters near the Rock.

Two men of Maghrebi origin were rescued on board a kayak, and a dinghy of five men was rescued by members of the RGP.

The dinghy was said to have been in danger of sinking. 

It is well known that in summer, with the arrival of good weather, the flow of small boats in the Strait of Gibraltar increases notably, and the RGP are remaining vigilant. 


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