I WORKED for Reuters in the City of London for around 15 years and Jacqui worked for Reuters for more than 20 years. While working there Jacqui, a group of friends and myself got into taking our turn to organise treasure hunts around the centre of London.

People went on foot from bar to bar hunting for the answers to clues to enable them to enter a bar then completed a quiz or performed a task in each bar.

The treasure hunts were a regular part of our lives at Reuters. They were also a great excuse for a booze up and an opportunity to raise money for charity.

We were supposed to organise these events in our lunchtimes. However in the 80s and 90s we were able to use quite a bit of our work time as well as long as we did our jobs well enough.

Now that we are in Spain we have kept up the tradition. 

Not long ago we arranged out 3rd annual Almerimar Treasure Hunt. You can see more details about the event here.

For the last two years we have raised money for the Aldeas Infantile SOS charity. This is an amazing international charity with a number of centres in Spain. To find out more about this great charity see their website here or take a look at the story we wrote about visiting their village in Granada in 2009 here.

If anyone here in Spain is interested in organising an event for charity or wants to make a donation to a charity I would recommend that they consider Aldeas Infantiles SOS España.

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