NOT many people know that quite a famous Copper Age archaeological site is located at a place called Los Millares, close to a town called Santa Fe de Mondújar just less than 20km inland from Almería.

From researching material on the internet it appears that the site dates back to at least around 3000 BC if not earlier.

The site contains lots of ancient remains of a village that once housed around 1,000 people. It is located on the edge of a steep drop which probably made it easier to defend. It consists of the main settlement which is guarded by a number of forts. There are also a number of tombs and a reconstruction of a tomb on the site.

Apparently the residents of the site were mainly farmers but they appear to have metal working skills as there is evidence of copper smelting taking place at Los Millares.

The site is open for visitors but they ask you to confirm in advance that you are coming.

Entrance is free.

If you want to pay a visit I suggest that you take your walking shoes and allow plenty of time. The site is quite a walk from the road and it is a long walk around the site itself which covers around 5 acres.

For more information about Los Millares see here on the Search Almería site.

There is also a Spanish language site with some more information and photos here.

A model of what the site may have looked like - Jose Mª Yuste
Other photos courtesy Search Almería site
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