WRECKING balls have began their work on an illegal villa of Russian oligarch Vladimir Beniachvili.

Malaga’s authorities started the demolition of a 3,500 square metre house in Pinares de San Anton after a 12-year legal battle with its absentee owner.

The demolition is expected to cost a massive 300,000 euros, which will be billed to Beniachvili.

The Russian promoter and former player of Dinamo Moscow football club is now in Moscow.

But his wife Ludmila Lavrina arrived at the villa right just as the demolition workers were getting to work, supervising the removal of her luxury possessions.

“My husband has five heart bypass operations and he’ll die if he sees this,” she told the press.

Ludmila claims all the extra sport facilities built at the villa, such as swimming pools and tennis courts, “were meant for the youths of Pinares”.

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