SPANISH sperm is the best in Europe.

According to a new study, Spanish men are leading the way in both quality and quantity.

After analysing semen from 300 men, researchers in Granada have discovered those in southern European countries have healthier sperm than those in northern countries.

But Prof Nicolás Olea, from Granada University, who led the study, insisted although it is encouraging for Spain, it should not lead to complacency.

Olea said: “A major reason for the paper is to alert men to the general health risks.”

A report by the European Science Foundation has revealed there has been a progressive deterioration of male reproductive health throughout Europe.

And although the report describes several genetic factors associated with poorer quality sperm, experts believe lifestyle is the decisive factor as the fertility decline has been too rapid to be solely attributed to genes.

The increasing consumption of tobacco and alcohol are some of the causes for the decline.

And another Spanish research team, led by Jaime Mendiola, at the University of Murcia, has revealed a close relationship between diet and the quality of sperm.

He said: “We found that men who had better semen were eating more fruit and vegetables, i.e. foods with more antioxidants.”

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