THE name of Malaga’s rail terminal is causing major political ructions.

Plans are on track to rename the city’s new Estacion Maria Zambrano because passengers are often confused as to exactly where they have arrived.

Yet the need for change is all that unites Spain’s two main political parties.

The socialists want to keep the mention of Malaga’s 20th century literary thinker Maria Zambrano, and to simply add the name Malaga before it.

The conservative Partido Popular, however, is adamant that a station should refer to a place and not a name.

They have proposed Malaga-El Perchel, to include the district where the station lies, or simply Malaga-Terminal.

But, not everyone understands what all the fuss is about.

Malaga’s socialist councilor Maria de Carmen Sanchez said: “Anyone arriving in Malaga knows where they are.

This commotion is disparaging to the intelligence of tourists.”

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