I WAKE up at 10am and notice the vibrating walls.

The disco below my apartment is at full force. I can’t decide if they are starting the party for the beautiful sunny Sunday or if it’s stragglers from the night before.

I let the base lull me back to sleep; having experience living in close proximity to a bar before, tuning out the music is no trouble for me.

I wake again at 1240pm. The music is still blaring. I listen more closely and can actually hear what sounds like people jumping up and down.

Before I thought that the employees of the club were cleaning up and put on a little mood music (intense techno dance beats) to help the work go by more quickly. It’s the “whistle while you work” theory as the Seven Dwarfs in Snow White so deftly put it.

Hearing the dancing people now convinces me that there are actually people partying, and very likely it’s from the previous night.

I’m not even mad.

That’s amazing.

Not wanting to exert much energy on this lazy weekend, we opt for a frozen pizza meal. It’s thrown in the oven, but not before doctoring it up a bit.

What does the phrase doctor it up mean? When we buy our frozen pizza and add salami and mushrooms we call it, “doctoring it up.” It has nothing to do with medicine. I’m not dotting my pizza with aspirin. I don’t think a doctor is any more qualified to add extra cheese to a pizza than a regular civilian.

Disclaimer: To any prospective roommate – this post is an exaggeration and should not be considered a factor in your decision to rent a room in my apartment. Thank you.

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