TWIRLING in a fury of color, these flamenco dancers move to the rhythm of Feria de Abril: the biggest and most notorious festival in Sevilla, Spain.

For one week the city gathers at the fair grounds to celebrate their culture; whether it’s eating patatas bravas and torrijas, drinking far too much Manzanilla, or taking part in the famous Sevillianas dance.

Tents are erected decorated in traditional Spanish theme and host live music as the party blurs from day to night, to day again.

Photo taken in 2011.


About Caitlyn Slivinski

How did I end up in Spain? I bought a plane ticket. I've always had a special connection to Spain. I attribute it to my parents' visit to this country when they were 8 months pregnant with me. I got a taste of Spanish rhythm and I was hooked. But I didn't know The Half of It. Now I'm living it, I'm enveloped in the culture. It's as if this was always meant to be; like Spain and I were destined to happen.

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