SUSPENDED in a haven where neither time nor worries hold any meaning, this sunset on the island of Mallorca, Spain encapsulated the essence of vacation.

Between the bustling tourist frenzy of the day and the wild club scene that bloats the evenings, lies a small margin of peacefulness waiting for you at the shore’s edge.

Taken in June 2011, the mild temperature and balmy breeze lingered long enough for bikini clad beach goers to wade in the Palma Bay and watch the mighty Mediterranean sun dip out of sight.


About Caitlyn Slivinski

How did I end up in Spain? I bought a plane ticket. I've always had a special connection to Spain. I attribute it to my parents' visit to this country when they were 8 months pregnant with me. I got a taste of Spanish rhythm and I was hooked. But I didn't know The Half of It. Now I'm living it, I'm enveloped in the culture. It's as if this was always meant to be; like Spain and I were destined to happen.

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