LIKE London buses, two new stretches of motorway are to open in the space of two days.

The new AP-46 toll motorway from Malaga to Antequera (Las Pedrizas), is set to open on October 28.

The 400 million-euro toll road, with 18 viaducts and three tunnels, will cut journey time from 30 to 15 minutes.

The 25km road is expected to cost between two and three euros depending on the season.

The news comes as the opening of the second Malaga ring road will take traffic from Torremolinos to Alhaurin de la Torre is set to be the day before.

This route includes a tunnel through the Sierra de Churriana.


  1. Fred,
    I think will be worth it, especially in the summer when the tourists going to Torremolinos and far beyond (Africa) would not jam the Malaga’s outerbelt. Driving to Malaga City or the airport from Antequerra in July and August can be a nightmare.

  2. Come on Fred don’t be so naive,

    400 million from the (most likely) EU minus 300 million of the top for the tios leaves 100 million for a shitty construction that will eventually crumble and die because no maintenance money will be send so the toll will be raised to 20 Euros to milk the fat guiri cow in the summer month ……

    Samantha is right 400 million to avoid her nightmare travel experience to Malaga in July and August is not a penny too much spent ….

    What I didn’t get is the Like London Buses bit ??

  3. “Bully Board”

    I like it ….. will make sure to live up to the name when roaring down the passing lane on the new AP-46 motorway from Malaga to Antequera, scaring little old ladies into the slow lane where they belong


  4. The ‘London buses’ bit was poorly contextualised. The writer was trying to use the well-known London bus analogy, whereby you wait ages for a bus, then two come along at once (there are variations on this). This was used to explain the opening of two stretches of motorway in two consecutive days. Gettit Bully?

    In Spain of course this analogy would not work since the bus company has long since gone bankrupt.

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