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Who will bow to whom?

queen elizabeth

SHE has more recognized titles than any other noble in the world.

Some six times a duchess, 10 times a countess, 24 times a marquise, and the ‘grandest of grandees’, she is even entitled to sit and wear her hat in the presence of the Spanish king.

So the big question is who will bow to whom when the Duchess of Alba, Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, meets the British Queen this week.

The duchess, famous for her jet set lifestyle, is attending a Gala Concert and Dinner at Buckingham Palace following an invite from His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

Today’s event is in aid of the Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts and the Duchess will be accompanied by her children Cayetano and Eugenia.

But the protocol between the Duchess and the British Royals is still something of a mystery.

It may in fact be the turn of Queen Elizabeth II to bow down to the woman included on Vanity Fairs best dressed list in 2009.

Wendy Williams

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  1. Good point Sharon.

    I wonder if there is a Vanity fair list for the most amount of “work” done. Looking at the Duchess’ trout-pout I imagine she’ll be well ahead of Her Maj…

  2. Why would the author ask such a ridiculous question, the duchess might have a million titles but none of them makes her a queen. Does the King of Spain bow to her? The answer is no, why would the Queen bow to someone in her own palace? To many the Queen is the most prestigious person on earth.

  3. Regarding the Duchess of Alba; you mentioned that her surname is FitzJames-Stuart, something that surely suggests a Scottish connection. In fact, unlike the Queen, she is a direct descendent of King James II & VII the last Stuart King and that amongst her titles is that of the Duchess of Berwick.

  4. The Duchess of Alba along with Prince Leopold of Bavaria and several other European Royals and Nobles are all remnants of the banished Stuarts of Scotland.I therefore wonder how and why Michel Lafosse claims to be heir to the defunkt throne of Scotland,when surely all of these already established aristos must take preference over him? Incidentally,did you know that bonnie Prince Charlie is buried in the Vatican,(an honour which present british royals never get)after a rich and drunken journey through Europe,no doubt leaving a trail of royal bastards behind him,from which,no doubt these people come…………………

  5. I take no pleasure in saying that Charles Edward Stuart is part of my mother’s bloodline.

    He is a disgrace to both the Polish people and Celts in general and is singularly responsible for the destruction of the Highland way of life, people he did’nt give a damn about and the little turd was’nt even aware that his soldiers had’nt eaten for 3 days before the moron chose to fight in a totally unsuitable location on the moor by Culloden House.

    BTW the Scottish throne is not defunkt and all real Celts will be glad when the Hanoverians go back home. They arrived penniless and have amassed a lot of stolen wealth on which they think they should’nt pay any tax.

    Now they expect the taxpaying mugs to pay at least 50% for this upcoming wedding.

  6. Sorry Mr.Crawford but here in Germany we dont get Polish or Scottish history lessons,I therefore did not know of the Polish connection,I do however stick to my statement that most people in Poland have Probably never heard of him or his god damned mamma.

  7. Jamie,
    history is always taught in a xenophobic manner – that is true of all countries. If you are only taught German history from a German aspect – how do you know that the Polish people don’t know about this half polish prince?

  8. I am obviously just presuming this,however,we do have a lot of polish peeps here in Germany, just as you do in the “Vereinigtes Königreich” next time I meet one I will ask if they have heard of Charles or his mum,and let you know,if I think on. BTW if you think that he was such a plonker, why are you so concerned anyway…

  9. JamieTBeck
    go back and read my March 19th post and I don’t think he is a plonker – I know he was a lazy drunken piece of shite, that never did an honest days work in his life.

    As to whether the Polish people know he was half Polish is irrelevant he was and that’s a fact. You don’t like to be proved wrong is all I am getting from your posts – pull your neck in.

  10. Please be fair to the lady,she is well over ninety,and has perhaps has had a bit of aesthetic surgery done,but so have many younger people,Michael Jackson,for instance,(RIP),she is apparently,highly respected in Spain and also much loved,despite her “pout”,and is perhaps,the one who could or should be sitting on the throne instead of her maj.QE2.(Just look at her name (FitzJames-Stuart)and think a bit…………….

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