A BRAWL on a Ryanair plane ended in the arrest of 20 students.

It started when a rowdy passenger was asked to get off the flight from Lanzarote to Brussels after he argued with an attendant over excess baggage charges.

When he refused to leave his friends stepped in and a fight ensued between them and crew members.

The 100 passengers from a Belgium college were all asked to get off the plane while police intervened.

The remaining 66 passengers were able to take off three hours later.

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  1. Passenger handling by Spanish police NOT strict enough. Passenger KNEW of Baggage charge BEFORE boarding plane – and accepted that as condition of boarding plane after paying Baggage charge. Throw him and his 100 “friends” into Jail… let their parents and Dilpomats work to get these babies out of Jail, otherwise they keep acting like babies!!
    No accountability for actions… must be preparing for MEUP!

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