SCHOOLS in Andalucia are set to double the amount of reading for children in a bid to improve literacy.

It is hoped that the new drive aimed at primary schools will help to move the region off the bottom of the result’s tables.

A report last December placed schools in Andalucía among the worst in Spain which is itself among the worst in Europe.

Pupils in Andalucian schools currently sit at 20 points below the average for reading ability in Spain and 30 points below the European average.

Now, in a bid to combat the numbers of students who are failing or dropping out, Schools Minister Francisco Alvarez de la Chica wants to get back to basics.

He explained: “We need to improve a lot and quickly. These measures are a big leap.”

Under the new edict, reading in primary schools will double from 30 minutes to an hour a day from the next school year.

They are also introducing a scheme to encourage more parents to actively participate in their child’s education.

In addition the Junta has announced there will be more than 3,000 places made available for primary and secondary school teachers in the next call for jobs to better meet the needs of the Andalucian education system.

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