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Schools in Spain’s Andalucia await instructions on the end of face masks in classrooms

AS of today, Wednesday April 20, it is no longer compulsory to wear a face mask in enclosed spaces in Spain. That said, there are...

Spain’s Cabinet approves end of indoor mask wearing this Wednesday but with key exceptions

INDOOR mask wearing will end in Spain this Wednesday but with some key exceptions. The decision, which had been announced earlier this month, was formally...

Top of the class: Malaga’s Laude San Pedro International College recognised for educational excellence

MALAGA school Laude San Pedro International College has been ranked number two in the whole of Spain by Forbes Magazine.  It also made it in...

Masks in schools in Spain’s Andalucia no longer be mandatory once ‘80% of children have been vaccinated’

ANDALUCIAN schools will be able to ease up on their mask policies once "80% of children have been vaccinated" the Deputy Regional Minister of...

CLIC INTERNATIONAL HOUSE: Inspiring the next generation of English language teachers from around the world in Spain

THE appeal of CLIC International House has infiltrated every corner of the globe. With language students from the UK, Russia, Ireland, China and the...

Five year olds soon to be vaccinated at school in fight against Covid-19 on Spain’s Costa Blanca

AS SCHOOL canteens and gyms are quickly converted into vaccination stations for children, Costa Blanca authorities are planning to start jabbing five year olds.  Immunisation...

La Palma air quality improvement allows schools to reopen

THE air quality over La Palma has improved so much over the last few days that a resumption of classes on the island has...

BACK TO SCHOOL: Choosing the right schools for your kids in Spain can be a puzzle of Einstein...

PENCIL cases to fill, textbooks to buy, packed lunch boxes to prepare… the first day of school can be as big a deal for...

More than 200 schools across Spain have registered incidents due to cases of COVID-19, with Andalucia most affected

According to data of the Autonomous Communities, Andalucia, with 34 schools affected to some degree by the pandemic, is the region with most incidents

School children and COVID-19: how to respond and what to do according to protocol in Spain’s Andalucia

Measures for the prevention, protection and surveillance of COVID-19 in educational centres as published in the BOJA of September 2

Two schools on Spain’s Costa del Sol delay opening after COVID-19 cases detected

Just a few hours before the start of the school year, two schools in the province of Malaga have already announced their temporary closure

Dozens of children and teachers quarantined after string of COVID-19 cases detected at schools across Spain

DOZENS of children are in quarantine following a string of COVID-19 outbreaks at Spanish schools this week. One of the first came at the...

Teachers will get COVID-19 training but only after new school year starts on Spain’s Costa Blanca

TEACHERS in Valencian Community schools are to be taught to identify COVID-19 symptoms amongst their students. The sessions though are scheduled to commence after next...

Spain’s Andalucia to hire 6,300 extra teachers for next school year

Additionally, 1,600 cleaners will be employed to cover the disinfection tasks of the schools

Back to school for Gibraltar Year 12 students as youth clubs re-open

Year 12s will be the next year group to go back to school after months of lockdown. There are now only four active cases of COVID-19 in Gibraltar.

COVID-19: Spain reveals new guidelines for schools as children to return in September

THE Spanish Government has revealed new guidelines for schools when children go back to classes in September. Education chiefs announced the reduction of safe social...

Madrid school children refused fresh fruit as fast food chains monopolise free meal deliveries

VULNERABLE school children in Madrid have been left without fresh fruit after contracted fast food chains refused to strike a deal with a Canary...

COVID-19: Spain’s Andalucia plans to reopen schools on May 18 for ‘face-to-face’ teaching despite unions’ coronavirus fears

THE Junta de Andalucia has said it plans to reopen the region’s schools on May 18 for ‘face-to-face’ teaching. The Ministry of Education and Sports...

Spain could limit number of students per classroom to 15 from September in bid to keep COVID-19 under control

The proposed schooling will combine on-site schooling with online classes, keeping classrooms to a maximum of 15 students.

2,000 children at risk of exclusion in Andalucia to receive meals from the government

The distribution of three meals a day to 2,000 students across Cordoba will begin today

Schools, colleges, universities in Andalucia to remain open for now amid Spain’s coronavirus epidemic

The Junta de Andalucia reschedules the sitting of official examinations following the guidelines of the Spanish Government.

With so many good schools in southern Spain, picking the right one is a multiple choice question. This cheat...

It’s likely you’ve already heard of some of the region’s more well-established private international schools...

Religious education to be stripped of its academic value in Spain

RELIGIOUS education is to be stripped of its academic value under Spain’s new education chief, Isabel Celaa. Announcing the reform, the Minister said RE would...

Councils to fund school rennovations in Axarquia

Larger classrooms, renovated toilets and new sports tracks are some of the works being undertaken

Back to school in Malaga

Junta de Andalucia has injected €1.16 million of structural improvements across 39 schools

Spanish shepherds up in arms over agricultural course

Higher education schools in both Madrid and Barcelona are now offering shepherding courses





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