THE appeal of CLIC International House has infiltrated every corner of the globe. With language students from the UK, Russia, Ireland, China and the US, their teaching methods and flexible timetables can suit just about everyone and anyone.

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Clic School

Located in Malaga, Cadiz and Sevilla, the school stands out for its dedication to inspiring the next generation of English language teachers as well as helping expats brush up on their Spanish.

But with coronavirus in mind, classes can now be taken online over Zoom. The live Spanish course means Brits won’t have to rely on isolated self learning but can instead connect with classmates from any country in the world and learn from expert teachers as a cohort.

Meanwhile, those hoping to inspire the next generation of English speakers can enroll for the Cambridge accredited CELTA course. Taught in four weeks (in person) or in 15 weeks (part time morning course online via Zoom), CELTA is the most prestigious Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualification out there.

Carefully designed, it allows budding teachers to develop confidence and expertise in the classroom. Like a passport to paradise, students who have completed the course have gone on to work in Mexico, New Zealand, New Zealand and Japan. Available throughout the year, the next round of classes runs from March 7 (online) and March 14 ( 4 weeks in Malaga or Seville).

With an emphasis on fun and practical exercises, the classes at CLIC are filled with laughter and upbeat learning with a great atmosphere. So, whether you’re a budding teacher or inquisitive student, you can carry on learning anywhere in the world. All you need is a comfy chair, enthusiasm and some wifi to get started.

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