AT least 212 schools across Spain have recorded incidents of COVID-19, leading to the quarantine of classrooms and total closures.

According to data of the Autonomous Communities, Andalucia, with 34 schools affected to some degree by the pandemic, is the region with most incidents.

In Malaga, four classes from two schools are in quarantine; and in Sevilla, 13 schools have been affected.

In Almeria, a total of 43 people, including students, teachers and workers from a total of nine infant and primary schools, remain isolated.

Meanwhile in Granada, the start of the school term was postponed in two schools due to some of the teaching staff testing positive.

Additionally, two schools in Cadiz and another two in Huelva have each quarantined two classrooms and in Cordoba seven classes from three different schools and two infant schools are also in quarantine.

The Basque Country is the second-most affected region with around 30 schools reporting cases of coronavirus either among staff or students, although so far only four of them have had to be closed with the other centres adopting partial quarantine.

Meanwhile Aragon has seen the closure of 24 classrooms in 21 schools; Castilla-La Mancha 20 classrooms from different centres; Madrid, 26 classrooms in 16 schools and La Rioja has 14 schools reporting positive cases and quarantining accordingly.

In the Community of Valencia, there are at least a dozen centres affected, totalling 32 classes in quarantine.

Castilla y Leon has five schools affected in Valladolid, two in Avila, three in Burgos, one in Segovia and one in Soria.

In Cataluña, the school year has begun with 253 professionals and 210 students in quarantine due to cases of coronavirus.

Navarra has 286 students from 11 schools confined and in Extremadura, nine classrooms in as many schools are back to online lessons due to the contagion.

In the Balearic Islands, a total of 29 students have tested positive for coronavirus since the beginning of the school year.

Galicia and Murcia also have at least three cases of schools with COVID-19 incidents.

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