DOZENS of children are in quarantine following a string of COVID-19 outbreaks at Spanish schools this week.

One of the first came at the French Lyceum school in Madrid on Tuesday when a possible infection in one of the students caused a whole class to have to enter self-isolation at home.

More nurseries and schools across Navarra, Catalunya and Andalucia have had to close or send groups of children and teachers home to quarantine.

Two schools in Navarra have sent 26 students home following two cases of coronavirus being detected.

The most affected is the Francisco Arbeola school, in the town of Azagra, where a positive result in a fourth grade class has caused the quarantine of 22 students.

They will not return to school until September 15.

The other affected school is Los Sauces in Barañain, where four three-year-old students must remain in quarantine at home following another positive.

All concerned families have been informed that they will have to undergo a PCR test at the beginning of the quarantine, which will be repeated on the 10th day.

Meanwhile, the Yurimi nursery in Sevilla city has been ordered to close after one of the children tested positive for COVID-19.

The closure was ordered on Monday while the minor is self-isolating at home, as is anyone who had contact with the tot.

It comes after the Snow White nursery also closed in Benacazon, Sevilla, last week after one of its staff members tested positive.

Meanwhile, the province has seen another closure at the Los Diminutos 2 kindergarten school following a positive test result.

Further north, a private nursery school in Igualada, Barcelona and a sailing FP school in Salou, Tarragona, have both detected cases of coronavirus.

The former has seen eight students and three teachers quarantined and the latter 16 students and three teachers.

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