A HUMILIATED Spanish barman killed himself 20 months after allegedly being assaulted by troubled former boxing champion Scott Harrison.

Rafael Sainz Maza, 31, leapt to his death after struggling with depression, brought on by an altercation with the fiery Scotsman at an Alhaurin el Grande brothel three years ago.

The Spaniard was allegedly attacked along with two others at the Oxigeno club and was due to give evidence against Harrison and two of his cousins at their trial in Malaga later this year.

But Maza struggled to come to terms with the incident and was forced to endure taunts about his injuries, including wearing a neck brace.

The insults led to him throwing himself off a block of flats in January 2009.

It has been announced that Harrison, 33, is facing six years for the assault against three men in the club in 2006.

He and two friends, including his uncle Jack McGill, 52, who has also committed suicide, attacked the men with ashtrays.

Another of the men was left with serious injuries.

Harrison is serving six years in a Spanish jail following an assault on a policeman in 2006 in Alhaurin.

He was arrested after stealing a car from a couple at 3am.

The disgraced former WBO champ has himself had treatment for alcoholism and depression in the past and is serving his current sentence in Botafuegos jail, in Algeciras.


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