ONE thing I’ve heard locals rave about in the city of Cordoba is the month of May.

For the first week or so they set up crosses surrounded by cafes in the streets.

After that, people go all out to decorate the central courtyards of their homes with flowers in a longstanding tradition called Patios Cordobeses.

I was finally able to experience this wonderful celebration of spring this weekend and it was incredible.

In certain residential areas, nearly every balcony and window has a few flower pots displayed, but the best part can not be seen from the street.

To see the featured entries in this annual competition, there are set routes you can follow or you can find the right neighborhood and just follow the crowds.

The area I explored was near La Mezquita, comprised of simple, white buildings concealing some of the most impressive flower presentations I’ve ever seen.

The patios were filled with with flowers hanging from the arched doorways or attached to the high walls.
Every possible color was flaunted – bright pinks, brilliant purples, warm yellows and bold reds.

My favorite part was how well they showcased the old homes themselves. Many had old wells in the center or a fountain in a corner, arched entries and intricate stone patterns on the floor.

If you are in Cordoba in May, make a point to see these marvelous exhibits. Bright colors against white walls are a wonderful way to celebrate spring.


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