By Wendy Williams

DOG lovers are being given the chance to adopt one of man’s best friends for free.

In a bid to cope with a serious overcrowding problem, Estepona-based animal charity ADANA, is looking for a home for some of its older dogs.

“We have over 200 dogs in our kennels, twice our capacity really and far more than we can give the full care and attention they deserve,” explained spokesman Mary Page.

“These dogs are calm and gentle and would make excellent pets for older people or families with young children.”

Meanwhile, in a bid to keep the struggling charity alive, the board is in discussions with the local mayors to launch a project to build a new shelter next to their existing one.

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  1. surely it would be kinder to the dogs and better for the rest of us if they were humanely put down. Not much of a life for them in their overcrowded prison, and the rest of us suffer when they are ‘adopted’, by inconsiderate owners allowing them to defecate on the beach, pavements and within urbanisations. At the very least get them all neutered so they cant produce more unwanted dogs or Estepona will finish up like Bucharest

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