10 Aug, 2011 @ 11:38
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Spanish duchess for richer or poorer

By Wendy Williams

IT was once said you could cross Spain without ever leaving her land.

Now however the 18th Duchess of Alba, Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, is reportedly being forced to divide up her land in order to win her childrens’ approval to marry.

The most titled noble in the world, 85, is apparently giving away her fortune to wed civil servant Alfonso Díez, 24 years her junior.

With an estimated personal wealth of up to 3.5 billion euros, she has been able to give each of her six children and eight grandchildren a palace of their own.

The 14 inheritors are also being given thousands of hectares around Spain.

Ironically the Duchess has protested she is not that wealthy, insisting: “I have a lot of artworks, but I can’t eat them, can I?” They include Columbus’ first map of America and the last will of Fernando the Catholic.

The Duchess is paving the way for a wedding, which is likely to be a more low key affair than her marriage to Luis Martinez de Irujo in 1947 described by the New York Times as the ‘world’s most expensive wedding’.

Wendy Williams

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  1. 85-year-old Duchess of Alba has a young soul, unfortunately, not the body. But it is all fixable. Our aging is the result of an erroneous understanding by scientists of its nature, as was once believed that the Earth is flat and the Sun revolves around the Earth. Aging is unessential, and it is reversible. It is explained by the published theory of aging.
    Human organism is able to rejuvenate its old body, same as it corrects body’s illnesses. The only things is that we have to help our organism with it. The whole experience of applied medicine confirms this conclusion.
    In 3-4 years, maybe sooner, Duchess of Alba will return her body to 40-50 year old condition, maybe even 30-40 year old. Of course, if she see this our letter.
    We will be very grateful to someone who deliver this letter to her. And God bless you and her!

  2. Mr.Valery Chuprin,

    you are living proof that human evolution is at a low point in history.

    Do you really think people are that gullible to begin with ?

    On second thoughts you might be right >> Go for it you might not get the Noble born Freakessa of Alba but there are numerous brainless followers in her wake that use their head solely to shove crap-food into their bloated guts and are willing to spend the monies given to them on ???? might as well be Val Chupa ……

    Good Luck – Suerte and may HimabaBima bless you

  3. Well Mr Chuprin MAY be a plastic surgeon..who cares?
    An important point would be to clarify whether the Dutchess just formed a Will designating inheritance of her assets upon her death (always contestable in Court for a variety of reasons)or if she gave these assets as gifts to her siblings NOW. The latter has greater tax implications.
    But LOVE is LOVE… only the Abogados really care.

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