By James Bryce

IT’S one of the world’s most notorious unsolved murders, with countless suspects suggested and overruled over the years.

But now the identity of Jack the Ripper has finally been revealed – at least according to a Spanish investigator.

According to handwriting expert Jose Luis Abad the murderer was actually one of the policemen involved in the investigation.

According to his new book, Jack the Ripper: The Most Intelligent Murderer in History, the murderer was Scotland Yard’s Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline.

It was Abberline who led the investigation into the gruesome 1888 murders of five East London prostitutes.

The 84-year-old claims the detective’s handwriting is identical to the writing in a diary believed to belong to the Ripper, that surfaced in 1992.

“I have no doubt Abberline was the Ripper. Handwriting does not lie,” said Abad.

Abberline died at his home in Bournemouth in 1929 aged 86.

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