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The face of alcoholism in Spain

A COMPELLING new book has been published in Spain revealing the human face of alcoholism.

Dutch born artist and writer Renate van Nijen, who lives in southern Spain, has written, ‘Cheers, The Hidden Voices of Alcoholism’ based on her firsthand experience of living with an addicted partner.

In a remarkably candid collection of real life stories about the people – sons, daughters, wives, husbands, parents and friends – affected by alcoholism, van Nijen breaks the silence on a difficult subject.

“Alcohol abuse and alcohol-related problems are growing in modern society,” explained van Nijen, who wrote the book in response to the secrecy surrounding alcoholism and the judgemental attitudes of family, friends and outsiders she experienced.

“Everybody has an opinion on this subject but not everybody has the facts and ignorance here can be a killer.

“Many people’s image of an alcoholic is a dishevelled homeless guy sleeping rough under a bridge or on a bench in the park. If only they knew the truth. Many hide behind masks of respectability, hold down jobs, and get things done.”

This observation is accurate, because there are indeed people who seem to have everything going for them but are actually drug addicts. Some may even be corporate bigwigs who may actually need to be checked into specialized facilities for treating addicted executives.

She added: “This book will help to raise awareness of the growing problem of alcohol abuse and help those affected by alcoholism to find a way to cope with or, indeed, to discover a way out of this widespread yet frequently misunderstood disease.”

For more information visit: www.renartsbookworld.com

James Bryce

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  1. Sadly, until local Police here in Spain enforce the Law to stop teen binge drinking at “Bottelons”; Police in UK do the same to stop young people getting falling-down drunk on public property, et al… they are allowing alcoholism to begin and grow worse. What’s the cost of later treatment to the OTHER Taxpayers? UGH.

  2. Hmmm. Nothing in this article to suggest teens, Joe. Could it be that you resent the youth and want to see them smacked down a bit to make yourself feel less old?

  3. Hi Chris… thanks for your view. Try going to SEE a Bottelon around Marbella … or Benalmadena Port… or out at UK pubs on Saturday to view anyone guzzling over about 25 years of age. In business I’ve found successfully that an “Ounce of prevention is worth a Pound of cure”… STOP the problem BEFORE it starts. That’s the job of the Police, to protect the safety of citizens by enforcing the Law. And by the way, that’s what Taxpayers pay high taxes for!

  4. Chris – try reading the article more closely…”In a remarkably candid collection of real life stories about the people – sons, daughters, wives, husbands, parents and friends – affected by alcoholism…” Is it just POSSIBLE that some of the “Sons, Daughters…” are in their teens as described in the local Spanish & UK media?
    And no, I’m not “old”, nor feel “old” and don’t have to “feel less old” – otherwise I’d date a woman in her 20’s. Then again some men of any age are more comfortable with older women … or camels in the desert. A free World, no?

  5. Facts speak more clearly than just rhetoric:

    Binge Drinking on the Rise in Spain. The Olive Press
    July 8, 2011 • National News • 2 Comments

    “… However, a recent Ministry of Health survey revealed that 50 per cent of teenagers are now getting drunk…
    In fact as the ‘botellon’ phenomenon – young people meeting in outdoor places to drink – continues, college students have the opportunity to booze for hours, an activity that was unheard of with their parents’ generation.”

  6. Good article,
    it always annoys me greatly that the media talk about ‘drink and drugs’. This is of course because the legal drug barons weild total authority over governments and the media.

    Alcohol is a narcotic and highly addictive but it makes great profits for the drug barons who control this trade and in countries like the UK a great source of tax revenue.

    Chris – what a stupid post – you need to grow up. In the past I wasted a lot of time trying to help 2 alcohol and 1 heroin junkie – they are now all dead – one in his 30s’ and the other two at 50.

    One became a ‘juice junkie’ in the armed forces, where unbelieveably binge drinking is encouraged – many, living on the streets of the UK became addicts the this way.

    What is so sad is that so many young people go out to deliberately get drunk and this in every country in Europe – what an indictment of life in Europe.

    The elites have always made it easy to acquire alcohol for the very good reason that this drug is a suppressive narcotic – they don’t want the Joe Muggins to take a long hard look at the state of society.

    It is no accident that the elites have tried without success to stamp out the use of marijuana and hashish, which they don’t control (no profit for them)and which are not addictive unless you have pre-existing mental health problems.

    If we lived in anything resembling proper functioning societies, alcohol would be far better controlled and nicotine products would all be banned and class A.

    I enjoy wine but I am well aware of just how insidious a narcotic alcohol is.

    The simple truth is (from experience) that you cannot help a juice junkie, you are just wasting your time. When and only when a junkie fully accepts that they have a problem and that only they can save themselves do they have a chance and I have to say that chance is not a big one.

    As to the botellon – it is the parents that need to be publicy chastised. It is for them to deal with ‘their’ problem.

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