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Change of Heart for Maurice Boland

By Wendy Williams

MR Marbella, Maurice Boland, is set to launch a new radio station later this month after formally leaving Heart FM.

The controversial DJ posted a statement on his Facebook page this morning (Wednesday) thanking the station for its support during his ‘short but enjoyable stay,’ but announced he had a new project in the pipeline.

“Let me assure you that my absence on the airways will be only short lived. I’m delighted to announce that along with an exceptional team of top class broadcasters, I am developing a new radio project,” he said.

He later told the Olive Press: “I am really excited to be setting up a new radio station.

“It will be similar format to before with news and current affairs and I have a great name and fabulous studios.

“But I haven’t really released any information about it yet. I put it on Facebook as so many people had been calling and emailing me asking where I had gone as I had disappeared off Heart so I was forced to reveal something,” he added.

Boland refused to confirm the name of his new station but sources believe it will be an online station called I Talk Europe.

It comes after the disgraced Irish entertainer returned to the airwaves in April after his close relationship with a 16-year-old girl was exposed.

He was forced to lie low for nine months after having his contract terminated at Talk Radio Europe (TRE), as exclusively revealed at the time by the Olive Press.

The broadcaster, 62, had set out to help the teenager forge a musical career but their relationship had evolved and he later admitted to making a ‘terrible mistake.’

Wendy Williams

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  1. LMAO.

    “a great name”. I already know what the station will be called.

    Radio ME

    And the theme music will be “Sweet Sixteen”, alternating with “The Great Pretender”.



  2. What a sad lot you are still clinging to a story thats over a year old hoping to rope in a few more sad readers. Bolands back accept it and im sure the charities are delighted as well. Get a life you lot there’s much more important things happening in our world to write about.

  3. YOU, Jamie, seem to think this MB is rather important, seeing that you are one of his “groupies”. Now THIS is what I would call sad! AAwwwwwww. Poor you….
    Now what charities would you be talking about: “The Refuge for Lonesome 16-year olds” for example.

    You wrote this, recently:

    “Got to be MB now,I was listening to Talk Radio Europe today on the subject of Andalucía’s Top 100 and was amazed to learn that The Olive Press has asked a member of their staff to sit on the deciding panel, I say this only as It’s generally known that Maurice Boland is well ahead of the race and it looks like now he’ll be pulled down at the final hurdle.. What a disgrace

  4. My comments on another thread on this site

    Matthew Pound
    October 5th, 2011 10:37 am
    Maurice Boland is to launch new radio station later this month to rival failing TRE. . . this morning on his Facebook page he wrote:-
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: I will not be returning to Heart fm and would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Lee and Pat for the brilliant support they gave during my short but enjoyable stay with Heart and also a special thank you to David Baker on Breeze AM for taking my programs in Ireland. Meanwhile let me assure you that my absence on the airways will be only short lived. I’m delighted to announce that along with an exceptional team of top class broadcasters, I am developing a new radio project and look forward to making a full statement by early next week and be broadcasting (all going well) within weeks. The support that so many of you have given me over the past year can only be thanked by me doing what I love doing and that will be bringing you great radio programs with some of your favourite radio presenters. Thank you. Maurice

    Matthew Pound
    October 6th, 2011 10:04 am
    Hilarious! This `holier than thou´ attitude evident here knows no bounds. So many prepared to `cast the first stone´; most hidden behind anonymous usernames. In my experience you must be counting 80% of the working ex-pat community who have all come to Spain to reinvent themselves and chance their luck where they have failed elsewhere. Maurice Boland is not a criminal to my knowledge. Maurice has however raised € 100,000´s for charity, and without him the Cudeca Cancer Hospice would probably have closed. When you can say the same about yourself perhaps your opinion would have more gravitas! If you don´t like Maurice or his radio shows, then switch off and get a life!

  5. David. What are you wondering about? Are you another groupie?
    If this talent-less individual MB had any self-respect he’d melt away into the background.

  6. Thank goodness Maurice is coming back. He is a great broadcaster there is no doubt about that. We all make mistakes but this man has been hounded. How many people have acknowledged his good work for charity. Maurice I wish you all success with the venture and hope that you use the internet for broadcasts too so I can enjoy the programmes where ever I happen to be. Maybe he will heal the wounds with Barry Mitchell ( Michells Mix) and get him back on the radio that would be a delight – This is good news for the Costa del Sol, the many fans and supporters like me -Helen

  7. David, I don’t think Boland has much to worry about from fan Patricia, don’t know her personally but from her comments I gather she loves only cats.

  8. Good luck to Maurice, that other station has disintegrated in his absence. That scotsman in the morning is truly awful. Hannah Murray is the greatest sleeping pill ever invented. A breath of fresh air is needed. I look forward to hearing the new station soon.

  9. In the Word of Jesus “Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone”.

    Jesus said this when the people wanted to stone a women for committing adultery.

    Leave Maurice alone, he is a great broadcaster and remember it takes two to tango.

  10. I used to listen to TRE but after a while it bacame so boring listening to the same half a dozen people phoning in two or three times a night just to hear the sound of their own voices.How sad. I called it a an inner circle of nomads.

    Secondly why does Maurice Boland get so much publicity on here

    This is Marbella and more so than most places there is no such thing as a free lunch.So many folk down here have an angle to try and extract as much as they can from anyone they meet and might be fair game.Unfortunately the expats are the most predominant in so many scams and they love to scam fellow ex pats.
    One can argue Marbella quite rightly is not typical of Spain, but it is nowhere near the place it was just five years ago.

  11. Patricia at first most took you as some kind of infatuated Boland stalker but you’ve now made it obvious that you have some serious issues in your background that the Boland saga has triggered off. Stop it now you’re making a total idiot of yourself..

  12. Thanks Jamie, couldn’t have said it more diplomatically ……

    Patricia, just live with it – we all have been rejected at some point in our lives, remember live does go on.

  13. As a radio presenter myself we all need a little ego to massage us with the show………..Maurice, whom I have met,and not a fan, is back on the scene and we have to get on with it………..we shouldn’t listen to a show because of the presenter but because of the content…….. and it’s fair to say that most radio stations (and some free ex pat newspapers and tv) are bland, patronising and unexciting……….whatever Maurice does he’ll certainly bring in some listeners……………and whatever happened to that girl…?

  14. From an OP report:

    (Maybe this commentator is a “stalker” too! LOL.

    “One former TRE colleague, television producer Barry Mitchell, who has known Boland for 20 years, says he was not surprised that the DJ had taken up with a 16-year-old.

    Mitchell said Boland loved it when, on occasion, young choirs would come to the radio studios and often made inappropriate comments about the girls.

    ‘Two or three of us would look at each other and raise our eyebrows, knowing full well that he was serious,’ Mitchell said, ‘And hindsight has proven that to be true.’

    True indeed.

    I only hope this girl’s parents are taking their own measures in the matter.

  15. The MB groupies are just as nasty and unpleasant as their “hero”.

    Is that the best you can do? Personal attack.

    Evidently I have indeed touched a nerve as I notice none of the other anti-MB posters have been subjected to this abusive attack.


  16. IF a listener of TRE had become involved with that young lady instead of MB, we would all be wondering what the fuss was about,in fact there would not have been any fuss.When you have a little bit of fame it can be great fun but theres a lot of jealousy out there hiding among the warmth.The profile that you carved for yourself can also act as a weapon for those who masquerade as friends.If you get yourself into hoc and suddenly you lose your “hallowed” position your fall is a lot more painful than if you had a normal workplace.I realised,after all the mistakes that I had made,it was totally hypocritical of me to make those comments about MB.Particularly after near 20 years of working together – stormy or not. We are now back to our bickering best again!As for Patricia,it reminds me of a situation I was involved in some years ago.I was acting in a play at Salon Varietes and every night this chap would arrive in the foyer and belittle me over the fifty euros I owed him.I was doing the breakfast show for OCI at the time so I died a thousand deaths every night I came off stage. Save the last night when he couldnt make it due to his arrest for embezzlement at his golf club.Whats in your cupboard Patricia?On a happy note it sounds as though quality radio may be making a return….now theres a thought….wonder if I should ask Mo for my old job back?Keep smiling.Barry Mitchell

  17. Such lovely manners you have, dear Lynne.
    What is YOUR problem?

    Any and every poster on this site is entitled to express an opinion, without being attacked personally and bullied. What are you attackers afraid of?

    Barry: Well, that is a U-turn. O.K. you are entitled to your U-turn. But why turn on ME?
    Cupboard? What cupboard? I think if an article or report is put up on a forum or site the public are entitled to comment. Or is MB somehow sacred? I am as entitled to post here as much as the next person IMO.

    Have a fun evening everyone.


  18. I can’t believe all the crap I have read in this and other related columns. If you don’t like the bloke, for whatever reason, why listen to him and waste your time squabbling over your opinions??. I discovered the ‘off’ switch years ago.

    Further, all this talk of his ‘mistake’. This sixteen year old girl, living in one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world, was so utterly naive that she didn’t suss out what his motives were??.

    Yeah right.

  19. Patricia you have certainly overstepped your mark here and I among many hope you’re properly punished. Do you not know anything about liable laws? No I thought not. I hope Mr Boland drags you into court which he’s quite entitled to. Your innuendoes will not cover your clear accusations of him stealing from charities to fund the purchase of his home etc, then you moved on to suggest that maybe Dunnes stores funded the purchase, this I know to be all total rubbish and extremely liable. You seem to know a lot about Maurice’s background but obviously not enough. Maurice owned a string of nightclubs, restaurants and a hotel in Ireland, add to that he built a very successful carrier on radio and that’s what built his home. I urge Mr Boland to get his lawyers onto you Patricia and if you’re wondering or conveniently forgot where you made these unforgivable suggestions let me remind you: Olive Press Oct 6th: ‘ Another facet which makes one wonder is that “magnificent house” he owns in Marbella, with the trappings. Now, how would a non-entity presenter on a two-bit radio station be able to finance such a palatial abode? Maybe his “charitable work” needs looking into. After all, charity begins at home. I suggest you now reconsider before you liable Boland again and if you want to know more about his charity work I suggest you get in touch with Cudeca or the Ark Christian Fellowship and ask them or any other charities he’s tirelessly supported because I feel you’ll need proof of your charges if your day in court ever happens and that will be up to Mr Boland. I suggest that you might now pick up that poison pen of yours and post a clear public apology to Maurice Boland.

  20. How nice to hear from Barry Mitchell and my hope is that both he and Maurice get back together on the new MB radio station. What a joy it will be and I look forward being one of the first listeners. Please Maurice put it on the internet too and maybe stream it through Sky – good luck and a big welcome back – Helen

  21. ad,I can promise you that MB was NOT “skint” when he came to the Coast.At that time I was enjoying one of my very few successes with a TV prog called “Coastline” shown on Gib Tv.There was no Sky tv then so it did pretty well.MB,who liked the prog approached me with a view to bankrolling the hefty production costs and therefore co-producing the venture.At one stage we were actually with the Lawyers in Gibraltar and a LOT of cash could have been handed to me there and then.My vanity got in the way and I changed my mind…it was one of the worst descisions I ever made!
    Its time for a little fairness I think.In this giant soap called “ex-patsville” MB has been one of the lead players.He has made things happen,entertained and….like most of us…occasionally tripped up.BUT he has made a serious contribution to life on the Coast and how many of us can say that? Yes Patricia,I have “turned around”. I thought long and hard over many months after my Judas outbursts.The shame of it. I came to the decision that fair play demanded of me.Hurry up Mo,”ex-patsville” is seriously boring at the moment,its time you were written back in!
    Keep smilin all.
    Barry Michell

  22. Since his very short lived return to the airaves on Heart FM he has had the same guests on the phone several times. A simple way to sum this up is boring,very boring.

    Retire gracefully dude youre been gone and done and you have lost ya sparkle if you ever did have it.

    Me personally – I could never listen to his bull and blah blah blah….

    He should be banned from the radio for the sake of all of our ears.

  23. Firstly Mr/Mrs A Real Opinion, anyone who hides behind a name makes me very suspect as to who your real identity is and your reasons for hiding it, perhaps may I be so bold as to suggest perhaps another alternative motive. Now down to my reason for reply, you say ‘Since Maurice Boland’s very short lived return to the airwaves on Heart FM he has had the same guests on the phone several times’ Well. Well Mr/Mrs Real Opinion you seemed to have been an avid listener to have come to that conclusion and you go on to write that guests such as Sir Bruce Forsyth, Jasper Carrot, Ronnie Corbett, Fredrick Forsyth, Lord Jeffery Archer, Jon Gaunt, Julian Lennon, Burt Bacharach etc were boring and they were just his celebrity guests what about some of the great journalists, authors and true life stories he’s had on over the last 5 months. No, perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps you weren’t an avid listener in fact you’ve made it obvious you didn’t listen at all are you sure Mr/Mrs A Real Opinion you weren’t tuned into another radio station?? I’ll say no more.

    And incidentally, have some guts and identify yourself instead of hiding under silly names

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