By Wendy Williams

A BRITISH expat has helped police catch a career criminal who has been plaguing Tarifa for years.

The 33-year-old mother, had run after the thief after he stole her handbag, while on a night out for a friend’s birthday.

The heroine, who has asked to remain anonymous, had chased after the man and jumped on his back.

“It was an automatic reaction. As I realised he had taken my bag I turned and ran after him.

“Luckily he was walking away casually so I jumped on his back.

“He threw me off but by this point my boyfriend had followed me and managed to catch the thief and our friends dragged my bag off him.

“Someone held him there until the police arrived.”

The Yorkshire lass was left with cuts, bruises and a mild concussion after the incident but is pleased she could help catch the thief.

After speaking to police she has agreed to press charges and will go to court in November.

“They are really pleased as he has been plaguing them for ages. He is a real problem and will probably go to prison now.”

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  1. Cracking stuff – us northern lasses showing these scumbags what for!

    Well done, it’s great to see someone refusing to be a victim. And even better to know it’s one more scumbag off the streets. Perhaps a career as a vigilante is in her future. ;)

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