THE Guardia Civil have confirmed the animal cruelty that took place at Torremolinos animal sanctuary, leading to the arrest of its director Carmen Marin and three employees last November.

According to a report from Seprona, the Guardia Civil’s nature protection unit, the animal sanctuary destroyed two and a half times the number of animals in a 20-month-period than is legally allowed.

Chillingly, because a smaller dose of anaesthetic was used – apparently to save costs – animals were put through a ‘slow and agonising’ death, sometimes lasting several minutes.

The report said that animals were put down “without veterinary supervision and with the wrong drugs, leading to unnecessary and unjustifiable suffering”.

In some cases, cats and dogs were put in freezers when they were still alive. 

Carmen Marin was due in court this week but did not appear because she was poorly.


  1. I cannot believe what has happened to those poor animals
    I have a House in Spain. Well done to the Guardia Civil,
    Has far as i am concerned that woman that did what she did to those defenceless animals, she should be put down!.

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