IT was the perfect opportunity to introduce car-obsessed youngsters to the world of motor racing.

The annual race weekend at Ascari Race Resort near Ronda saw a series of some of the world’s fastest classic cars, including vintage Porches, Jaguars and a Lola.

One of the most exciting cars on display was the company’s very own Ascari KZ1R GT3 race car, which goes from zero to 60kph in just two seconds.

Driven by multi-millionaire Dutch owner Klaas Zwart, it started understandably number one on the grid, with only his son Scott coming anywhere close.

The race track, which at 5.5km is the longest in Spain, has 26 corners, many modelled on famous circuits around the world.

It apparently costs up to a million to become a member, with celebrities including Jamiroquai said to have splashed out.

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  1. OMG, klauss may have won but the credit goes to his son ERIK. After starting last on the grid after car change over wkend, he came 3rd an amazing race to come through all the other drivers but just couldnt quite reach 2nd place Scott Mansel. Erik is defo following after his father and even managed to get a faster lap time than Klaus. Roll on next year, its gunna get exciting. Well done to the Acari Team for working so well to repair Eriks car after he was hit off the track in qualifiying. GO ASCARI.

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