ANDALUCIA is set to pick a record amount of oranges this season.

At 1.7 million tons that’s a massive 13.5 per cent more than the average of the last four campaigns.

But the news is bittersweet as Andalucia’s Agriculture Minister Clara Aguilera has highlighted severe problems in the orange sector as although yield has increased, prices have gone down.

Aguilera criticised citrus body Intercitrus, saying it is doing ‘virtually nothing’ to promote oranges.

Sevilla is still the highest orange-producing region in Spain, closely followed by Huelva where production increase is due in part to farmers’ commitment to creating new varieties of tangerine.

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  1. This why I have no time for farmers incessant complaints. Yields are up they complain prices fall. Yields are down they complain profits down, no mention usually prices are up. Too much rain, complaints, not enough rain…complaints. Too much sun complaints, not enough… guess what? Too windy… and on and on and on. All they want is their big fat CAP cheque preferably for leaving land fallow and doing nothing all year.

  2. …. hate to complain but I really have been under the weather lately, too much sun and guess what ? Not enough rain, now the wind has come up and the yield is down, the forecast is for heavy rain and raising yield

    Huuuuuuuuu I tell ya, I called to see where my CAP check is and what do they tell me ???

    In the mail they tell me, now who believes that one ?

    I am gonna lay down now to do nothing for the rest of the year, in other words I will let the land fallow (?) and hope the mailman brings my check soon ……

    Maybe I’ll have an orange juice while I do nothing just too see if the yield will go up then

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