6 Dec, 2011 @ 19:55
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Christmas for smokers

Speculation is growing that the new Spanish leader Mariano Rajoy – well known for his love of cigars – might reverse the recent smoking ban. When asked in an interview if he would modify the law, Rajoy enigmatically replied: “I liked the first law more.”

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. I hope Mariano Rajoy makes a stand for personal liberty and common sense, and has the courage to reverse the smoking ban. Millions of people throughout Europe will give a loud cheer if he does so. Dictatorship in the guise of concern for health has no place in a free society; the arguments used to justify this ban do not stand up to logical examination (the real culprit in impairing air quality is pollution from traffic fumes), but are in fact nothing more than propoganda/brain-washing.

  2. Personal liberty????? Stop talking absolute nonsense and you know it is nonsense too Sheena. There is no reason on earth why a non-smoker should be subject to your left over smoke. Smoke in your own house if you want to subject it to nicotine coloured walls and the stink of old smoke. You can always smell a smoker even when they are not smoking.

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