EXCLUSIVE by James Bryce

A KEY suspect in the murder of Stephen Lawrence may have fled to Spain following the conviction of fellow gang members last week.

Jamie Acourt, 35, a prime suspect in the racially-motivated killing of the black teenager in 1993, is known to regularly visit Spain.

Last week there was no sign of him at his home in Kent and according to a UK source, Acourt ‘spends months on end in Spain, although nobody really knows where or what he does’.

The thug, who has various previous convictions, has apparently considered moving to Spain with his girlfriend Terri Dean, who owns a children’s clothing company.

“He has been looking at a few options, as his girlfriend has clothing connections there,” the source told the Olive Press.

“This increased after the recent case and him being snooped on again by the police.”

Despite Gary Dobson and David Norris being found guilty of murder, the judge in the case has ordered police to continue their pursuit of up to four other gang members, including Acourt’s brother Neil and Luke Knight.

The Metropolitan Police’s Acting Deputy Commissioner Cressida Dick said: “We don’t see this as the end of the road.”

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  1. How can he have fled when he is not a fugitive?

    What he does in Spain is his own business – why should anyone “know” about it?

    His only criminal conviction is for stealing soda siphons.

    To call him a “thug” is legally, slander.

    I am not saying he is an angel, but this article is completely biased.

  2. He’s certainly a little scumbag, but he has not “fled” anywhere. He has not been prosecuted so he has just gone abroad, which anyone with a passport is entitled to do.

    Be another good book for you to write here Jon… ;)

  3. Very superficial/circumstantial article. Why not elaborate on the Marbella judge convicted of accepting bribes from Rocca who “somehow” had his sentence and years removal from Office virtually eliminated so he’s now trying to regain his Judge’s position. And the Gov’t officers in the Property Expos assure foreigners of “legal confidence & transparency in Spain’s legal system”??!

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