HIS chequered reputation is already well known on the Costa del Sol.

But now, beleaguered property mogul Darragh MacAnthony is to tell his story in his very own words.

The controversial Chairman of Peterborough FC is looking for a writer to pen his biography.

“The chosen person will get the opportunity to spend a few months liaising with me to write the book,” he writes on his website.

But the question his numerous alleged victims will be asking is; will it shed light on his controversial firm MacAnthony Realty International (MRI) and why Peterborough fans chant ‘We’ve got your furniture?’


  1. The final line of this article is nonsense: I am a season ticket holder at Peterborough and, like David, have never heard the chant mentioned. I mean, who exactly would we sing it to??? I hope the writer researches other articles more thoroughly.

  2. MacAnthony and his lackey, Pickering, robbed myself and my wife of 24 thousand euros for two furniture packages which turned out to be utter rubbish materials and not to the specs MRI advertised. Also, caused us loss of finance due to failure to meet completion date. Also robbed us of fees for infamous “After Sales Service.” Also tried to frighten us with letters from Carter-Ruck. Michael Byrne, (aged 75) Ireland.

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