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Tony Blair agreed to give Gibraltar to Spain

TONY Blair agreed to a secret deal to hand Gibraltar over to Spain, claims a former cabinet minister.

In a sensational new book, Peter Hain insists that he and Jack Straw struck a joint sovereignty deal with the Spanish government in 2002 after being given the green light by the former Prime Minister.

In his memoirs, Hain reveals that Blair was keen to win the support of Spain in order to strengthen his hand in Europe.

The former Europe Minister also accused Gibraltarian leaders of being stuck in the past, while he describes Blair’s attitude towards the Rock’s inhabitants as ‘contemptuous’.

The deal was scuppered following resistance from Spanish ‘hardliners’ who insisted on full sovereignty.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. no great surprise ….. he gave away everything that the british hold dear so why not gibraltar ….. He was a man without moral or standards who bastardised the labour party and all it stood for .
    He entered a illegal war based on his lies he became Americas lap dog and will go down in history as a failure .

  2. Was’nt it Shakespeare who said “kill all the lawyers”.

    This piece of excrement sold his soul a long time ago. In 1997 the whole country was looking for a real change, just imagine if he really had principles – had re-instated city regulations that the evil hag had done away with; brought in a capital gains tax on all property – just those two measures would have meant a totally different Britain today.

    So he was prepared to sell the people of Gibralter down the river for his own benefit – at least he was consistent in that – shyster is too kind a word to describe that piece of crap.

  3. Someone knows HONG KONG?
    The united kingdom will agree with Spain when they need a spanish support or when Spain will stronger than them.
    Or when spain will be richer than UK, llanitos will move their “desires”.

  4. Wrong AA,
    Hong Kong was leased from China. Lease ended and we handed it back, Gibralter was’nt leased.

    The Falklands is something else – Spanish conquistadores slaughtered most of the indigenous population of what is now Argentina and encouraged lots of Italians to come over and now they have the brassneck to demand the Falkland Islands back calling the Brits colonialists – same old hypocrytical Spanish.

    Come on Spanish colonialists give up your enclaves in Morocco – thought not.

  5. Stuart, i cant agree with you.
    1 Hong Kong new territories was leased for 99 years, but the rest of Hong Kong was ceded in perpetuity. The main difference between Gibraltar and Hong Kong is the chinese military power.
    2 In my opinion, Las malvinas (the british Faklands)are a colony like Gibraltar: Native population was expulsed and a strategic Crown colony declared.
    3 Ceuta, Melilla y las plazas menores de Soberanía are a Spanish mainland. They never were a colony, they were reconquest in the same period than Spain. If you think that ceuta is a morrocan city,Sevilla, Granado or Toledo should be too.
    U.N declare that The crown colonies are colonies. Gibraltar never was a part of Uk.

  6. Good heavens AA, where did your profound historical knowledge come from ?

    You know mustn’t believe the old village donkey (even though your evident talent to communicate with him are well worth mentioning, maybe you could be the next Dr. Doolittle ?) ) anyway don’t take him too serious when he gives you lessons …..

  7. Sir biff, sometimes i feel bored…. and i read the wikipedia……..
    It´s more an exercise to “practice” english than a real discussion with Stuart. In this world, “nadie convence a nadie”. No one convince someone.

  8. AA, my consejo is: Have a drink, even if your name tells you otherwise….. I agree that we or anybody else will ever “convence a algien de algo” but we can have fun preaching our opinions ……

  9. AA,
    The Falkland islands were uninhabited – no indigenous population – what part of this don’t you understand?

    Further Kirchner is of Spanish mass murdering colonist blood. The Spanish were conducting extermination campaigns against the indigenous peoples of the land that they the Spanish call Argentina as late as the 1800s’

    What medication are you taking – the Spanish enclaves are situated in the continent known as Africa and yes it was the Arab and Jewish Semites who constructed those Andalucian cities and today are inhabited by descendants of those same Semites.

    So many of you Spanish are so weak mentally – it does seem the only thing you excel in is denial syndrome.

  10. Stefanjo, i´m a little bit crazy ( i´m answer you….) but i´m not multiple personality…. My psichiatrist and the judge are sure in this point….;)
    Sir Biff, It´s a good “consejo”. A polite conversation about a polemic theme is a good form to spent the time.
    Dear Stuart, be cold, please…. It isn´t so polite to tell morish to a spaniard and “weak mentally” to arabs and jews in the same post.
    I understand that UK has Gibraltar and Malvinas: It´s stronger and richer. Both are strategic places. Gates of mediterranean sea and south atlantic (and oil) control. If i were english, i would support this colonies. But I would never have denied the spanish and argentinian historical rights: I would spoke about conquest rights and military superiority.

    • AA, don’t mess with Stuart, he will slaughter you if you wish to indulge in history. BTW, he is right, Britain occupied the Falkland Island before Argentina ever came into existence.
      Just downloaded this item after I posted my comment.
      “Considering the Falklands were in British hands before Argentina was even a country and there was no indigenous population on the islands. Some of the Falkland islanders have been there longer than Argentina has existed. Argentina claims to want to eradicate colonialism even though they invaded in 1982. And Argentina is the result of Spanish colonialism and eradicated most if their indigenous population”. Hope that helps and rectifies your history lessons AA.

  11. AA,
    I’m now convinced that you have been sectioned in a secure place but before that you must have been brainwashed by Jesuits – they are very good at that.

    Of course centuries ago if you failed to accept the domination of the Catholic mafia you were first tortured by the Inquistion then burned alive – great way to ‘educate’ people.

    You Spanish once controlled vast areas of the planet and stole unimaginable wealth and then squandered it all – pretty much what you have done with all the billions stupidly given to you by the chumps in northern Europe.

  12. Stuart Crawford,
    You seem to be quite anti-Spanish. You’re always speaking about the Spaniards in a very bad way, about their atrocities around the world. Ok
    However, why don’t you speak about the British ones: Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, India, Africa, American colonies or how the English pirates were ruling the seas (Piratannia rules the Waves!) murdering, stealing lands and properties, and setting fire wherever they went…? British people have always been famous for our hypocresy. You’re really one of us!!

  13. haha what bunch of loones. (and apologists like James forever missing the point).

    As a time traveller, i remember well the Duke of Medina Sedonia selling the whole of Gib to a bunch of jews, only to double cross them later. Never liked that bloke.

    And remember, if spain hadnt tried to take over the (known) world, they wouldnt have lost Gib in the first place. Serves them right for getting into bed with the french.

    The only fair solution is to tell the world: Its British. End of story.
    anybody not happy with that can ask an Incan to explain it.

  14. The ancient Celts, Gauls, Germani and Iberians knew you can’t possess the earth. Trying to possess the earth is imperialism.
    As for Blair the hypocrite, flogging lies has made him immensily rich.

  15. Tony Tony Blair should go down in political history as the worst Prime minister. He just could not handle the job and most of the problems we have now are due to him. I think he listened to much to the human rights brigade run by his wife!

  16. Tony Blair should go down in political history as the worst Prime minister. He just could not handle the job and most of the problems we have now are due to him. I think he listened to much to the human rights brigade run by his wife!

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