EXCLUSIVE by James Bryce

A FURIOUS expat was so angry at the customer service he received at electrical shop Worten that he smashed his new printer on the ground in protest.

John Brenchley took the drastic action after the manager at the company’s branch in Malaga refused to offer a refund or replacement for the faulty item.

Brenchley, who has lived in Spain for 25 years, had been forced to repeat the 100 mile round trip to the shop from his home in Almunecar after getting home to discover that the colour printer did not work.

But after examining the printer- which was required to be in its original packaging – the store manager informed him that the installation CD was missing, voiding the warranty.

On realising he had left the CD at home, and in anger at the manager’s refusal to test it, Brenchley took matters into his own hands.

“I am sorry to say that faced with such injustice and the fact that I had just wasted a lot of time driving all the way back, I lost my temper,” the expat told the Olive Press.

“I picked up the printer and held it above my head and then crashed it down onto the floor with all the force I could muster.

“Unfortunately it was still in a salvageable condition, so I continued kicking it which made large clouds of blue and red dust fly into the air.

“I am not proud of the fact that I lost my temper but at least it provided some amusement to the other customers.”

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  1. Spain doesn’t do customer service, Worten is one of the worst. I bought something that was the wrong size for my appliance. They would not, change it even though I had asked a member of staff which to buy. When confronted he lied through his teeth that he had advised me.

    One place I do recommend is El Corte Ingles, they are excellent

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