2 Feb, 2012 @ 13:07
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PP scraps PSOE’s civic responsibility course in schools

Spain’s new PP government has removed a controversial civic responsiblity course from the school curriculum, much to the delight of Spanish bishops.

The course, which the PSOE government made mandatory in all state and private schools five years ago, encouraged teachers to discuss secularism and the division of labour, as well as social prejudices such as racism, sexism and homosexuality.

When introduced, the course provoked outrage among some parents who argued it violated their right to educate their children according to their own beliefs.

Education Minister Jose Ignacio Wert said the course, also greatly contested by Catholic groups as ‘another attack on the family unit’ went beyond civic formation and guidelines set by the Council of Europe, creating ‘serious divisions’ in education and society.

“It became a course that was charged with indoctrination,” he said.

Wert will replace the course with another program that will teach the text of Spain’s constitution, rights and responsibilities, and ‘pluralism, liberty, democracy, and knowledge of European institutions’.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. Hope, though personally very much doubt, the PP can do something good economically for Spain, because they are taking this country back to the 70s in many other aspects of society.

    …. replacing the course with another program that will teach …… knowledge of European institutions.

    Probably means filling out forms to get EU subsidies …….

  2. When “Catholic Groups” and the Catholic church begin to address the worldwide sexual abuse of children by priests,and other trusted minions of the faith, then perhaps their views may attain some credibility. Also, when priests and their female acolytes – nuns, marry and have children, then and only then,will their views on family life have any bearing on reality.

  3. The Catholics were furious that they were not allowed to brainwash their children with the ‘nasty fairy story’ – well I am surprised.

    I know that Europe would be a much better place if every country had to teach the truth about what our ancestors did throughout the world – then a lot of the white European’s hubris would dissolve and leave our children with some humility towards the rest of the world instead of the arrogance we see displayed every day.

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