SPAIN has produced the first foldable car.

The Hiriko, named after the Basque word for ‘urban’, was designed in the United States and built in Vitoria.

The electric car folds up like a pushchair, taking up just 1.5 metres thanks to an engine which is divided up into its four wheels.

Available for around 12,500 euros in about a year’s time, the Hiriko has been called ‘European social innovation at its best’ by European Commission president Jose Barroso.


  1. Last October I got myself almost stuck in Calle de Jesus, Olvera in a little Peugeot when I took a wrong turning. I reckon this little Hiriko would scoot along the little windy streets of la villa. Only problem, can we fit it with a towbar and tiny trailer for when we visit Mercadona. I’m saying ‘we’, I reckon it would need to be ‘I’. No space for a companion.

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