A BRITISH woman has been jailed for a 50,000 euro benefit fraud in Spain.

Debbie Williamson, from Rotherham, will serve 18 months behind bars after being found guilty of fraudulently claiming benefits between 2004 and 2009.

Williamson owned property in Valencia, made regular cash withdrawals abroad and had her daughter in a local Spanish school, despite denying any link to Spain.

If you know of someone committing UK benefit fraud while living in Spain, such as working while in receipt of UK incapacity benefit, call the Benefit Fraud Hotline on 900 554 440 or email: newsdesk@theolivepress.es.

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  1. Whilst on holiday with my family in Spain recently, we we at a Bar in Los Boliches and in proximity to a woman called Joanne who was with her young daughter and a lot of friends.

    This woman was constantly boasting how her benefits paid for her partying and her working paid for rents. She mentioned child benefit and child tax credit and had been claiming for five years, her boasting only stopped whilst she and a friend made several trips to the toilet, to take “charlie” or cocaine, which she even offered to sell to my wife who only wanted to use the loos!

    Why can’t the Benefit Fraud department find these people who are not as discreet as they think they are? We visited a place called Benalmadena where there seems to be a lot of British with young families living and made me wonder if some are doing similar.

    I think benefit fraud must easily cost our Government as much as Tax Dodgers because of the amount of individual claims that are made and the quicker we can bring them to justice then the quicker our our economy can start to stabilise.

    Let us all hope that is soon!

  2. They told us and freely talked about working there, some related problems in doing that and a fair degree of detail about local businesses, many British owned and “scam” companies that also operated in the area.

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