By Peter Langdale

EARLY March and we are seeing the first signs of spring.

As we leave winter behind, the garden, vegetable plot and patio all need work.

To start with we must begin to feed our plants, giving preference to all our citrus’ (oranges, kumquat, lemons and limes) so that they have sufficient reserves as they begin to flower.

Now is also a good time to plant or re-plant any potted plants, keeping a weather eye open for aphids that can attack the new growth.

As spring approaches we can pick the last of our winter veggies and look forward to our summer treats: courgettes, pumpkins, cucumbers, aubergines, tomatoes and lettuce etc.

At Garden La Palma we always have a good range of module plants ready for immediate planting.

Module plants are easier and quicker than sowing seed.

So come on….embrace the arrival of spring and get cracking in the garden.

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