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Eyesore ruins view over Spanish lake

Iznajar front row view

By James Bryce

EXPAT residents are demanding action after a court order to demolish an illegally built property was ignored.

The home – on a hill overlooking Iznajar lake – was built without planning permission in 2007.

But despite losing two court cases, its Spanish owner has continued to develop the eyesore, adding a swimming pool, garage and  extension.

Residents of the Pueblo Blanco development, who have had their view ruined, complained to the town hall but were told the council did not have the money to go ahead with the demolition.

“Any work that friends of mine have had done has always required a license from the council, yet it seems this man can build whatever he wants without reprisals,” community president Jeff Parkes told the Olive Press.

“It seems it’s not what you know it’s who you know here in Spain.”

James Bryce

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  1. “It seems it’s not what you know it’s who you know here in Spain.”
    Exactly right, it happens all round us. And when it comes to demolition orders, us ex-pats have to pay for it, no question of the town hall paying for it. It’s one law for the rich and Spanish and another for us.

  2. We are constantly hearing about ex-pats having their dreams destroyed by ignorant people with no regard to the suffering it is causing. Then we hear about the corrupt politicians & council officials who allow their own nationality go unhindered as long as the correct bribes are paid (as is the case in this situation). Isnt it about time Spain got some honest and decent people in charge of their institutions instead of the dishonest & corrupt ones who seem to be prevelant in most areas. The Spanish people are a great people > but its such a shame that they are led by fools > they need ex-pats to invest in Spain, but this sort of thing just drives people away.

  3. Allied Developments,( now defunct) sold these houses stating to the buyers that their views over the lake could never be obstructed as planning permission would not be granted by the Iznajar Town hall.
    Demolition of this property would cost very little, but it seems the Spanish owner may have contacts in the town hall.
    Lake Iznajar is a stunning beautiful area and the Pueblo Blanco development is failing to progress because potential buyers dont want to purchase a property with an eyesore spoiling their beautiful views.
    You can bet if a foreigner bought land
    overlooking the lake and constructed even a garden shed the town hall would soon be
    down with a demolition gang.

  4. Its true that allied developments told their
    buyers that the views would not be obstructed
    this was one of their major selling points.
    The house really stands out and is a blott on the landscape,the owners dont seem to be worried about any court orders, maybe they have inside imformation.

  5. Everyone in Iznajar knows this building should not be there. But I would hesitate to use your word ´eyesore´. Just because it is an illegal building does not make it ugly and just because the Olive Press chooses the word ´eyesore´ does not make the story any more interesting.

  6. The owner of the illegal building is the previous owner of the land that many new houses were subsequently built on.
    When he sold the land, it was agreed that he would never build anything in front of the new houses as that was part of the attraction of those new houses (un-interupted views across the lake).
    He then went ahead and built his own house, without any planning permissions or consents – and has now failed in his attempt to make the house legal.
    But he is refusing to demolish it and the local council seem reluctant to do anything (even with a current court ordered demolition). The house itself is not ugly, but its positioning and the fact that a court has already ordered its removal should be enough to remedy the situation.
    However the owner seems to know most of the local council and they seem to be unwilling to do anything against this guy.
    Hopefully the council will do that which has been ordered, or is it really one rule for some and no rules for this particular Spanish resident.

  7. Although, the difference here is they have never had any sort of permissions and are willing to ignor all laws, regulations, court judjements etc.
    The Priors seem to have had permissions, but not from everyone ( & their case should never have led to demolition !

  8. They do demolish spanish houses el raton knocked down one and left the rest , that was spanish owned and the witch from the town hall smiled as it was demolished , i saw her.

  9. Marcos, your country has destroyed itself. Don’t blame the immigrants what was what you were saying over on another OP thread and now here you are doing it. Great consistency you have lol.

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