A BRITISH-owned bodega is aiming to break into the UK market with a new range of Spanish wines.

Bodegas Monterebro, based in Murcia’s Jumilla region, will go head-to-head with some of the world’s best wines at tastings in London in May.

“We are very confident in the quality of the wines we produce,” director Jonathan Burrows, 31, told the Olive Press.

The former UK-based PR, who grew up in Paris, continued: “All you ever hear is Bordeaux this and Bordeaux that, but people don’t realise that Jumilla has some of the world’s best wines.

“We are looking to raise the global profile of the region and have had quite a bit of interest from Asia, particularly China.”

The Monterebro wines are produced on a 90 hectare estate using Monastrell grapes, with Jumilla widely believed to be the most important growing area in the world for the variety.

“People are starting to realise there are some very good Spanish wines offering excellent value for money,” added Burrows, who created his first vintage in 2010.

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  1. Driving through Murcia I witnessed a vast graveyard with tombstones of concrete vats for fermenting wine under the sun delivering the infamous pop top plastic bottled wine that leaves you with a ‘burgundy’ smile as a pack packing student in 1979!
    An sprouting up are cooperative and individual bodegas objective aiming to produce top quality wines across the Murcia flat lands.
    It occurred to me, ‘Here is an opportunity for industry development and Bodegas Monterebro.
    Well done Jonathan Burrows but please don’t Export all of your wine as we need more choice in much closer to home and I’d buy it if it were stocked in Mercadona or any brand aligned retailer.

  2. I’ve tried your FINE wine and wish you well in your marketing efforts to the UK. It’s a difficult task you take on with competitors from the “more well known” Ribero del Duero and Rioja, D O ‘s .
    But GO FOR IT – let the best man/wine WIN!

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