IT is certainly one of the Costa del Sol’s most eye-catching collections of sports cars.

And pride of the pack at Estepona-based garage Best Coches are its Mustangs, ranging from 10,000 euros to 50,000 euros.

“Mustangs are very, very popular cars, people come from all over Spain to have a look at them,” said owner Willy Van Hove.

“Traditionally they were real gas guzzlers but the new technology has made them very economical.”

The garage has a great selection of other cars, including Hummers, Porsches and Mercedes.

But the garage, which sells one car a day, also has a range of bargain cars from 5,000 euros.


  1. 20150114 and the business is closed…have heard, that Willy didn’nt like to transfer the titles of bought cars into his own name – a real pain in the **** with current spanish regulations. So, a word of advice – never hand over a car and papers before transferring the title to the new owner…

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