EXCLUSIVE By Wendy Williams

A GROUP of British expats is suing the owner of an illegal caravan park in Almeria.

Dave Church, 67, who owns a mobile home on Grand Oasis Park, in Los Gallardos, is one of nearly 30 expats who have filed a denuncia against owner Shaun Wilson.

They insist Wilson is about to make them homeless by applying for a camping licence for the site, that he has run illegally since 2001.

They claim that plans submitted to the local town hall show the park with the removal of all the existing mobile homes.

“Our lawyer has been told that all homes will have to be removed before a licence is issued and this would leave many owners without a home,” Essex-born Church told the Olive Press.

“We are very worried, particularly as we cannot get answers from either the town hall or owner.”

The group is now also threatening to sue the town hall for allowing the park to set up minus a licence in the first place.

“The town hall must take responsibility for this,” continued Church, who previously took legal action against Wilson in 2009 after he illegally disconnected his water, sewerage and electricity supply.

Wilson, who has other parks in Valencia and Alicante, was fined 450 euros and ordered to reconnect them.

The Olive Press was unable to contact Wilson despite numerous calls.

The town hall declined to comment, but confirmed the park did not have a licence.

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  1. Not sure who you refer to as making things up. I was there 1 month ago and still people running the site but it was a mess with a lot of abandoned mobile homes and touring caravans left to rot. Some people trying to maintain their plot and van and keep up a brave face but otherwise a bit of a mess really

  2. actually I went in may theres not many left on the site
    my frieind left 2 years ago she told me that she went to see her solicitor in t he north east
    and as a result was told PURCHASE OF HER MOBILE HOME WAS COUCTED IN ENGLANDo an Englishperson and an English address were the contract was fron and paid into a English bank so is covered by ENGLIH law and can be pusued in the English courts county court or higher for a full refund since the site has no residency permit or full legal status like buying englsih house with no deeds une esell without goods not as described or fit for purpose possible fraud
    she has had full refund dave church I barkinup the wrong tree it has nothing to do with spain Spanish town hall os fields etctec NOW IVE TOLD YOU you see

  3. if you were to sell your caravan or mobile home to people from the uk they would consider it an investment to be sold at a profit or rented out or left to family if the site has no legal resident permits or legal licence for a caravan residents park they could then discover this and sue you in the English courts for mis selling mis representation even years later you might have to give them a full refund plus costs

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