MICHELLE Obama’s 2010 sojourn in Marbella with her daughter Sasha cost a staggering 379,000 euros.

Judicial Watch, a group dedicated to investigating corruption, has revealed the figures and denounced the excessive cost of the five-day holiday.

It comes despite the White House insisting the Obama’s personally footed the bill for the trip in August 2010.

The Olive Press was the only newspaper to talk to the ‘world’s most powerful woman,’ when we got to ask two questions during a tour of Marbella old town. She told the paper she was ‘having a good time’ and learning some Spanish.

She stayed at Villa Padierna Spa, which costs up to 5000 euros a night.

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  1. A story from ‘Rightwingwatch.org’ regarding the ‘far-right’ (Wikipedia) ‘Judical Watch’ notes:
    ‘…Not to be outdone, Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman dubs Obama a “racist, black-Muslim sympathizer and Jew-and-white hater” who is “the biggest and most evil whore of all”…’. “http://www.rightwingwatch.org/category/organizations/judicial-watch” You see, American politics is all smoke and mirrors. Don’t be taken in.

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