EXPATS suffering from insomnia could benefit from drinking a glass of cherry juice, according to researchers.

Montmorency cherry juice increases levels of melatonin in the body, the hormone which regulates sleep patterns, according to researchers at Northumbria University.

Volunteers drank 30ml of either Montmorency cherry juice concentrate or a placebo juice twice a day for seven days, as part of the study.

Participants wore sensors that monitored their sleep-wake cycles and kept a daily diary on their sleeping patterns.

Those who had the cherry juice saw an increase of 25 minutes in their total sleep time and a six per cent increase in sleep quality.

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  1. I have a crazy schedule as a RN and I drink a glass about an hour before bed and I am out and even though I only get 5 – 6 hours of sleep per night, I feel like I slept at least hours. I have been drinking the cherry juice from the Traverse Bay Farms area of Michigan for over three years and it does help me sleep. I recommend it to my insomnia patents.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    Are you really an RN nurse? Have you done your research on shelf stable cherry juice? Do you know how much heat goes into making a shelf stable bottle?
    Just wondering. There are so many good cherry products on the market today. Please do your own research on these products.

  3. Anyone with osteoarthritis should try cherry juice daily. Or even a couple of handfuls of actual cherries. It’s not a cure of course, but I’ve found it provides some relief. About the amount that albuprofen gel does. Also, cherries are tasty!

  4. I have never tried cherries, but I think I will try making some of my own cherry juice, especially as cherries are now in season. What I find works for insomnia is guided meditation and yoga. Since stress seems to be what keeps me up most often, guided meditation really allows me to relax and drift off.

  5. Would recommend not to overdo the cherry intake, unless you have a WC nearby. Its a wonderful detox food and taste lovely but it does give you the runs if you over indulge. Wonderful for constipation as well though. I tend to agree with Anne in that guided meditation and yoga is the best method..also dont take any tea or coffee unless its decaf too late in the evening.

    Stefanjo, you know what is really good for osteoarthritis, Tumeric, you can add a teaspoon to your paella and any other cooked food you can think of. Hardly changes the taste and your bone joints get the benefit.

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