21 Jul, 2012 @ 10:40
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Mass exodus of British expats from Spain heading home for Olympics


By Rund Abdelfatah

HUNDREDS of thousands of British expats worldwide are flocking to the UK for the 2012 Olympics, many coming from Spain.

Nearly 385,000 of the estimated 5.5 million British expats living abroad will return home in the coming weeks, 275,000 of whom have tickets to the London Games.

And the highest number of returning expats is from Spain.

A recent survey reported 21 per cent of British expats in Spain are returning home for the Olympics, compared to just six per cent of those living in the US and three per cent in Canada.

The explanation for this mass homecoming is a combination of patriotic zeal and general excitement.

“Britain is at the centre of the world stage. While there are many things that expats prefer about living overseas, many identify strongly with their home country,” explains Richard Musty, director of a major expat banking network.


  1. what about the thousands of brits going to spain to get away from the bloody olympics.
    my husband is a plumber in london and wont be able to get to work like many others unless they want to spend hours in traffic jams. stay in spain and watch on tv, much safer as well

  2. I personally think many Brit ex-pats living in Spain will go back to the UK because they want: less SUN all day long, solid GRAY skies, lots of RAIN and FLOODING, more TRAFFIC JAMS, higher PRICES for … everything, and a respectful orderly QUEU which they don’t get in Spain, etc. On the negative side… they can travel on crowded public transportation (if still operating with Labor strikes going on), pay a fortune for “some such” olympic event, be prohibited from entry if wearing a PEPSI t-shirt (Nike trainers are OK – Lord Coe has a relationship with Nike)and IF UK athletes win at something, the UK spectators can get blind-drunk and go to the nearest NHS Hospital… which is on strike. However, funeral services ARE held on schedule! ENJOY!!

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