A WOMAN whose ovaries had been removed due to cancer has successfully given birth in the first operation of its kind in Spain.

Vanesa Pastor, 28, gave birth to son Mario on June 11 after a healthy pregnancy, despite having been diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2009.

When the woman from Aragon, who had always dreamed of becoming a mother, was told by doctors both ovaries would have to be removed, she nearly abandoned hope of having a baby.

“My world came crashing down,’’ explained the proud new mum.

But determined, Pastor contacted the Dexeus Foundation for Women’s Health who told her her only hope of pregnancy lay with her uterus.

Luckily, the uterus was found to be free of cancer and, after being given the all-clear, in vitro fertilisation was started.

A total of 14 eggs were extracted from her right ovary (before being removed) and cryogenically frozen until Pastor recovered from the cancer.

Two of the eggs were then fertilised with sperm from Pastor’s partner and implanted into the cancer-free uterus.

Pastor is said to be ‘very happy’ with new-born Mario and has the option of becoming a mum again as two other eggs are still viable.

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