28 Jul, 2012 @ 11:02
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Ryanair is set to drop 15 routes from the UK to Madrid and Barcelona this winter in response to a doubling of airport departure taxes from July 1.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. For the price of a sandwich on RyanAir i can get a British Airways flight (with complementary sandwich)

    What you havent reported is Spain is not the cheap get away it once was. Now that the prices have soared up to more northern values its comparable to everywhere else – in price.
    When you include the lack of amenities tourists are used to, the lack of civility to tourists, and the xenaphobic animosity to foreigners (in Madrid) then theres no surprise the number of tourists is dropping fast.
    check the numbers before accepting the tax excuse.

  2. Like it or not, Ryanair is one of the very few airlines that is making good money (900 MM euros for half of 2012) in spite of reduction in passenger numbers. Much of the latter decline is based solely on very poor economic conditions in their home country. You can’t blame Ryanair for that – look to the Gov’t “leaders” spending Billions of taxpayers’ money on things that do NOT spur the economy or employment. Change them ASAP!

  3. We’ve never had any problem flying with Ryanair. They’re cheap and reliable. Food is just regular prices anyone would charge when you have no choice. Most people take food onboard anyhow. Seems people bash Ryanair for no reason? …Followed by a long essay on negative Ryanair figures from the usuals on here no doubt… Hope everyone else carries on with their POSITIVE as possible lives in Spain! Viva España!

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