1 Aug, 2012 @ 12:23
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How do you use your Olive Press?

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THE Olive Press is now officially a work of art.

Belgian artist Marleen Pauwels, 52, is using old copies of the newspaper in her latest work.

“It was funny, I asked my friend for some copies of the Olive Press and she thought I wanted to use it to put on the floor as rubbish but I had to explain that no, I actually use it as part of my work,” explained the expat, who lives in El Gastor with her husband Kris Heyse, who is also an artist.

“I read through the whole thing and if I see a headline I like, I use that.

“It is not always visible. In my work I build up different layers and textures using paper and sand.

“You cannot see the text from a distance; you have to look closely to find the text inside the layers. But if people are interested in it, they look closely, they explore the work and they find the text, which always has something to do with my subject.

“My work is very abstract but the titles reflect the story I want to tell.”

And Lenox Napier from Mojacar uses the OP to line the hutch of his rabbit, Bungus. “We have lots of animals so we have to be resourceful!”

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