5 Aug, 2012 @ 15:07
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The invasion of the Spanish slugs


A DESTRUCTIVE breed of Spanish slugs has invaded UK gardens.

The recent heavy rains and warm spells across Britain have attracted the Arion Flagellus which poses a severe threat to native wildlife.

The massive invaders can reach a size of more than 10 centimetres long and produce hundreds more eggs than a typical British slug.

With such a substantial disparity in fertility rates, British slugs stand little chance against their Spanish competitors.

And indeed, the olive green Spanish invaders have been mating with British slugs to create a highly powerful hybrid that is threatening to overrun the UK.

But slug expert Les Noble from Aberdeen University believes authorities are not taking the problem seriously enough.

“The invasive species is carrying diseases and parasites that are going to wipe out our native slugs, driving them to extinction,” he warned.


  1. purge them with flour and then salt and cook with the best butter and garlic and parsley this is not a joke… well you could pay yer kids to ceeeetch ´em at night with a at night with a torch and a hose as they are only escargots without homes attached… got the same taste… forage big guys it´s all free.

  2. Slugs threatening to overrun the U.K. ? Will they take over number 10? Parliament? The B.B.C. ? Will they do a worse job? Hang on, they’ve already done so, take another look at Cameron and Osborne….

  3. This and other examples is why USA is so stringent with its laws of casual importation of fruit, plants etc. You cant step off a cruise liner on their shores eating a piece of fruit, much less carrying a potted plant or even a cutting of one from other parts of the world. Makes sense!

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