8 Aug, 2012 @ 14:00
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British schoolgirl faces sunglasses horror during holiday in Spain

sunglasses allergic reaction

A BRITISH schoolgirl has been left with a badly swollen face after a terrifying allergic reaction to cheap sunglasses while on holiday in Spain.

Laura Musson has said she thought she would die after her head, eyes and nose swelled to twice their normal size.

Doctors told her she had suffered severe allergic reactions and confirmed plastic in the sunglasses, she had bought for just €1.20 from a High Street shop, was the most likely cause.

Now she wants to warn other holidaymakers about the dangers of wearing cheap sunglasses.

“It was terrifying. I honestly thought I would die,” explained Musson, who was celebrating finishing her A Levels on holiday in Mallorca.

“I looked like a different person, like I had been badly beaten up.

“It was the first time we’d ever been abroad without our parents but it was totally ruined by a pair of £1 sunglasses.

“Don’t buy them it’s not worth it.”


  1. unfortunately its all this cheap crap from china. there seems to be some loopholes that allow all chinese products to be excempt from Health & Safety standards.
    i now fear buying anything for my kids. it seems no matter what the brand it’ll say made in china. And it’s rubbish.
    The first clue is that you cant glue it. Superglue and other market leaders just wont work – its some extra cheap plastic that breaks easily, perishes in sunlight (great stuff for spain!), and is made of highly toxic and exotic materials, and cannot be glued.
    OP how about a story on this. we all know the companies are racking in the profits by getting everything made in china by slave-labourers. but the disappearing jobs and influx of crap goods is a major reason behind the West’s death.

  2. Wonder if this poor girl had actually reacted to a cosmetic containing M.I. rather than cheap specs? It could well have been a sun-cream with the stuff in it. Perhaps The Olive Press could look into this and warn its readers of the dangers and provide a list of products containing methylisothiazolinone?
    There was a recent documentary on U.K. T.V. concerning this potentially toxic additive.

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