By Mason Jones

SPANISH fishermen could be putting down nets in Gibraltar’s waters as soon as next week, following a high level meeting with Chief Minister Fabian Picardo.

Picardo was equally positive about the two hour meeting, which ends a long period of sabre-rattling between the two countries.

Describing the talks as ‘constructive’ he insisted ‘considerable progress’ had been made.

But he warned the government was still going to await the recommendations of a panel of experts set up to deal with the fishing dispute.

If the report due over the next week is positive, then fishermen could be allowed back the next day.

However, Picardo added that more data may still be required before a final decision is made.

“Only when all data and information is available will the Government make a final decision,” he said.

Regardless of the outcome, fishing legislation is likely to be tightened in the waters around the Rock.

A licensing system is expected to be introduced for all types of fishing.


  1. 16th August was going to be the date a first draft of a report was to have been delivered and Gib Govt to assess the data. But, and its a big but, the data presented by the Spanish fisheries expert to the British expert was not complete with big questions left unanswered like sizing, species, when and where etc..

    On the other hand the EU has this week slashed the fishing quota allowed because of over fishing!

    Anything else is wishful thinking by some.

  2. Otra estúpida tregua,como la llaman hasta diciembre, supongo que por la construcción del tunel en terreno ocupado, necesitaran 20 años los gibraltareños en catalogar las especies de las aguas que rodean al peñón.

    Otra chorrada de noticia mientras se aguanta que la verja siga abierta deberían haber consultado a la ciudadanía sobre ello.El resto sueños de conquista de un pueblo.

    Y lo de la licencia huele a cobro de lejos.


    Thats what happens when you dont do your homework properly. If the information they are supposed to give when they bring in the fish were up to the standards and laws required, there would be no more waiting for the inevitable. British Gibraltar has its own Territorial Waters, the Quotas have been slashed by the EU itself due to over fishing, (guess who) and thats that!

    Sorry Brujo, you cant close the Frontier.. Europe remember..and you can consult the La Linea workforce see how they would like your idea of closing their only lifeline!

    The tunnel is being constructed on our half, our part of the Neutral Ground (no mans land). Your part of the Neutral Ground, the other half, you have built up to the Aduana itself. The Old La Linea prior to 1970 started where you have the first entrance on the Avenida Espana of the underground parking of the Plaza de la Constitucion , look at old photographs and maps, either you dont know or someone has been telling you lies.

    The building of the Tunnel, another respite for your thousands of unemployed. Such is life. Get used to it, although 300 years should have been time enough!

  4. Inthename

    Sorry Brujo, you cant close the Frontier

    Is not a frontier is a fence and you are not a country

    The tunnel is being constructed on our half, our part of the Neutral Ground

    There is no neutral ground but is tthe word you use to try to justified an invasión

    although 300 years should have been time enough

    We wait 700 hundred years to recover it from Muslims get used to it

    another respite for your thousands of unemployed

    Stop using your few spanish workers for excuse.

    By force or by diplomacy i think will be ours again.

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